Your Vacation With a Myanmar Holiday

I was quite happy to read this news article inferring that Myanmar is currently ready to join the world’s community of states, so I hope they are ready to take care of their nationals with dignity and respect. The Burmese are on the whole a beautiful gentle caring race of folks, For the people of Myanmar ( Myanmar tourist visa
) have for way to long relied on their community and spiritual way of life to ensure they are equipped to journey past the woes brought upon them from the oppression that they have endured at the hands of their army. For the Burmese individuals have had their calm and spiritual character exploited to the extreme by the military junta which has controlled this nation, we the west have stood by and allowed this oppression to take place.

Back in the 90’s I had the privilege to work in Yangon as a consultant with their fledgling cellular telephony network, albeit my job lasted only for a brief time period, a matter of a month or two. For a fleeting moment, about 12 to 15 years ago it looked as though they were going to rejoin the democratic world order, since they attempted to embrace democracy. Global hotel chains rushed to Yangon to build and operate spectacular hotels of amazing quality, regrettably as they did keep to the democratic area, these hotels have stood largely empty.

In terms of my reason to be there it had been to advise them about the requirements needed to implement a mobile telephony network around Myanmar. As they were trying to embrace mobile telephony, as it looked as though they wanted to put in a network, then they were beginning to start up the country again.

Throughout the period which I traveled to and from Myanmar, a journey which I found to be fraught with difficulty thanks to each the procedural requirements to get visa’s etc., I saw a infra-structure which was reminiscent of those war years across Europe. There were older Bedford lorries and buses which were easily 50 years old and were still operating as originally intended, it was as though the world had not moved on. For me this attracted a kind of charm to my excursions which was enjoyable to see and expertise, but I left the country for better facilities so never actually had to experience the practical impact for any period of time.

However, what was a surprise to me; was the presence of French nationals plying their trade. The French were involved in areas like; Telephone exchange systems through to restaurants. I was advised by colleagues that I worked to help keep my own council if I maintain any pubs throughout my evenings, so they were indicating the occurrence of French intelligence, a ceremony who had been there in Myanmar to shield French companies from foreign competitors. I have no idea as to whether I brushed along side these guys so had no expertise to say whether this was true or not. But, I had been advised to keep my own council and particularly around the pub of the Strand Hotel, a pub where the couple expats which were at Myanmar frequented, I count embassy private amongst the expats.