How to Replace a Toilet Seat – Slow Close Toilet Seat

The steps on how to change an old wooden heavy toilet seat to one of these new lightweight plastic ones that close slowly and then it also has a special hinge that it’s easily removed so it’s easy to clean and what I like about these new toilet seats is they’re very light and they don’t slam closed some of the old toilet seats they’re so heavy that’s actually dangerous for kids if this were to slam down on their fingers and also if you have a very old toilet and an old Bowl you can actually crack the bolt or slam down so go through the steps,

I know how to change it the only tools you should need are adjustable pliers to hold the nut underneath the seat and then just a regular slotted screwdriver and most toilets are going to have some type of closure that hides the bolt and in most cases it just takes a regular screwdriver in this case it’s actually kind of loose,

So I don’t need the wrench but there’s just a nut underneath this and just get this off quick so we have a nut underneath and then a bolt and that’s all that holds the toilet seat down there’s a few different styles of these slow closed seats this one’s really unique so the first step is you need to unlock the hinges and then we’re going to flip it over and we’re moving to take these threaded bolts that fit into this hinge and then we’re going to lock them in,

So we’re going to snap them in place and then relock it so it’s in the locked position and now we’re just going to drop it down into the holes and then this is also very unique this nut and the way this is designed is it has a long threaded hole and this bottom part is actually designed so you can put a socket on this to tighten it up and it’s designed to break away so what we’re going to do is we’re going to stretch this by hand and then I’m just going to use my adjustable pliers and tighten.

This until this bottom part actually snaps off and you know that you’re at the exact pressure that you to hold it into place so very unique design but there’s going to be two or three different styles that you’ll find out in the market so now it’s just a matter of tightening this by hand and I like the plastic parts because they don’t rust in place like some of the older seats you get years ago and now,

I’m just going to tighten that bottom little section until it snaps off just like that so you know exactly how tight to get it so it’s that easy to tighten down very easy to change and what’s nice is now you have a toilet seat that’s not going to slam down onto your bowl it’s safer and when you’re ready to clean all you do is unlock the hinges like this and just snap it right off and you can clean it so just a very nice simple install toilet seat .

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