Tankless Water Heater Valve kit

Hello and welcome to our presentation  today we’re going to talk tankless  before me here you see a couple of  tankless units we have laid out these  are both staged up ready for inspection  and pre plumbing first thing you want to  do when you receive your unit is you  want to open it up check-in it out make  sure it’s in good shape make there’s no  problems with it and make sure you have  somewhat of an understanding of it also  you want to make sure you get all the  all of the paperwork and gather all the  accessories that might be located in  that box with the appliance the next  thing you’ll want to do is inside you  should find.

What they call a template  the template is a representation of the  unit itself and it helps you to hang the  unit on the wall and gives you basically  a template that you would mount up onto  the wall and plumb it all up once you  determine your location of where the  units gonna go then you can install your  backing and all the supports that you  would need to actually mount the unit  from there I’m gonna take you around the  side here we’re gonna do a little pre  plumbing okay  let’s do a little pre plumbing so the  first thing you’re gonna do is remove  your desk caps that were on your unit  protecting it from any bad things that  might get in there that’s most units  come with those already on it next thing.

You’re gonna do is you’re going to do  what we call a little bit of thread  sealant or teflon tape I kind of like a  combination myself of a little thread  sealant called teflon paste combined  with a little teflon tape on top so  important you don’t get anything inside  the pipes you want to make sure you keep  it outside the pipes on the male threads  and you apply a little bit of thread  sealant pretty much all the way around  it  same thing on the other side so you’re  doing your hot and your cold and you’re  gonna go ahead and do the same thing you  get another connection here for your  gash gonna do the same thing on that and  again making sure you don’t get anything  inside the inlet of the pipe and if you  do keep a rag handy you can always just  wipe it away and keep it cleaned.

Because  again you just don’t want anything in  the pipe there’s lots of little valves  in there and intricate flow things that  that you don’t want to have any  impurities or anything getting caught in  there it’ll create your problems down  the road  now you go to your teflon tape teflon  tape bending on the thickness of it and  you’re on the width of it will depend on  the rounds but basically you start it on  hand  bring it around gently four or five  rounds is generally good again it  depends on the thickness of it and how  well it goes on for the most part you  start it that sealant helps to lock it  down a little bit hold it in place and  then again keeping this on the outside  the threads not letting it get inside  the threads you don’t want any little  pieces of tape or little chunks of  teflon paste or pipe dope or whatever  you have to be using getting caught in  your unit whether it be the water inlet  or the gas Inlet  okay from.

Here you’re ready for hardware  now you’ll take your hot water valve  you’re gonna pull this out of the box  the handles gonna be a little tight so  you’re gonna thread a nipple into it I’m  going in nice and hand tight grab the  handle itself work that handle back and  forth just a quarter turn is all it  needs to go and that way you’re  exercising it loosening it up okay now  you take that valve gently thread it  directly on to your hot water outlet of  your tankless unit and again you can  throw edit the majority of the way by  hand you don’t even need to put a wrench  on it until the end so you can leave  that last turn now you want to take your  backup branch and protect the outlet of  that tankless water heater so you don’t  put any undue stress on that take your  other wrench and bring this around.

One  last turn and you can feel it it’s  getting nice and snug which is exactly  what you want now I’m gonna leave this  one just a little bit shy of the other  one depending on what my positioning is  gonna be just to make it easier for me  now I’m gonna take my cold valve I’m  gonna do the same thing with that I need  to wind my nipple in and I need to  loosen up this ball so you just work  that handle back and forth loosening it  up making sure everything’s working and  doing what it’s supposed to do  now gently thread that one then again  for the most part you can thread almost  the entire way by hand without even  putting a wrench on it once it starts  getting pretty tight that’s when you  want to deal with it as far as putting a  wrench on it not wiping yourself out if  it’s hurting your hand.

It’s getting  pretty tight now we’re gonna go ahead  slip our wrench up on the backside but  because we’re reduced on room on this  backside I’m gonna go ahead and show you  a little trick here where you want to  prevent  this outlet on the valve from rounding  or overlain so you’re going to thread a  nipple into it to protect it and then  you can use your wrench on the backside  here and push this down position  continue your positioning of the cold  water valve now we’re gonna take it yes  pass that inlet for the gas so there’s  no conflict there and as you can see  we’re a little further than we are on  this valve which is okay he’s not a  problem now you’ll take your up other  fitting here for your gas and we’re  gonna thread that on little adjustment  and again good and snug doesn’t have to  be super tight you don’t want to break  wrench trying to tighten the thing up  let’s get it tight as you can see you  don’t see a lot of strain on me now.

I’m  at that point that I’m as far as I want  to go that it feels like I’m getting a  little resistance so now I’m gonna put a  little backup you switch out here I’m  gonna use my channel locks and I’m just  gonna back this connection up so I don’t  strain it or stress it and give it that  last little turn just to make sure it’s  tight okay now from that you want to  take a look at it and see if your how  your alignment is on your valves you’d  like to have these parallel so I’m gonna  go ahead and make a little adjustment  here just to get these valves in a  little cleaner position about right  there I’m leave it there for now that  looks pretty good good clearance good  access to the handles a little bit out  of whack I can go a little further if I  like right there  and that looks clean enough now from  there you would depending on what you’re  roughing is you need to run a nipple  extending out of each valve and that’s  going to make your final connection so  with that I’m gonna take a little bit of  teflon paste I’ve already pre plumbed  mice rough-in.

So I know where I want to  be with it and I know that this nipple  here is going to be absolutely perfect  for what I’m trying to do you can take  your teflon tape so a really easy way to  do this take one finger place it up here  take your other finger place it down  tuck it into your paste now you see the  paste kind of holds it and now you start  your line on it locking it down pulling  and stretching then you can try to stay  out of the inside of the peple right on  the exterior of it like so and again a  little bit of paste not a whole lot just  a thin layer just enough to hold your  tape in place and I kind of like to  reverse it as opposed to forward forward  would be the other direction coming this  way it just seems to make it a little  easier to keep that tension on it give  you a nice tight wrap  roll those in always keep your rag handy  you always want to wipe your hands down  or you end up getting teflon paste and  whatever do you’ve gotten on your hands  over everything which is never good okay  now we need to tighten up this nipple so  on that again we don’t want we’ve got  our valves off position where we want  them so we might make sure they don’t  move.

How to Replace a Toilet Seat – Slow Close Toilet Seat

The steps on how to change an old wooden heavy toilet seat to one of these new lightweight plastic ones that close slowly and then it also has a special hinge that it’s easily removed so it’s easy to clean and what I like about these new toilet seats is they’re very light and they don’t slam closed some of the old toilet seats they’re so heavy that’s actually dangerous for kids if this were to slam down on their fingers and also if you have a very old toilet and an old Bowl you can actually crack the bolt or slam down so go through the steps,

I know how to change it the only tools you should need are adjustable pliers to hold the nut underneath the seat and then just a regular slotted screwdriver and most toilets are going to have some type of closure that hides the bolt and in most cases it just takes a regular screwdriver in this case it’s actually kind of loose,

So I don’t need the wrench but there’s just a nut underneath this and just get this off quick so we have a nut underneath and then a bolt and that’s all that holds the toilet seat down there’s a few different styles of these slow closed seats this one’s really unique so the first step is you need to unlock the hinges and then we’re going to flip it over and we’re moving to take these threaded bolts that fit into this hinge and then we’re going to lock them in,

So we’re going to snap them in place and then relock it so it’s in the locked position and now we’re just going to drop it down into the holes and then this is also very unique this nut and the way this is designed is it has a long threaded hole and this bottom part is actually designed so you can put a socket on this to tighten it up and it’s designed to break away so what we’re going to do is we’re going to stretch this by hand and then I’m just going to use my adjustable pliers and tighten.

This until this bottom part actually snaps off and you know that you’re at the exact pressure that you to hold it into place so very unique design but there’s going to be two or three different styles that you’ll find out in the market so now it’s just a matter of tightening this by hand and I like the plastic parts because they don’t rust in place like some of the older seats you get years ago and now,

I’m just going to tighten that bottom little section until it snaps off just like that so you know exactly how tight to get it so it’s that easy to tighten down very easy to change and what’s nice is now you have a toilet seat that’s not going to slam down onto your bowl it’s safer and when you’re ready to clean all you do is unlock the hinges like this and just snap it right off and you can clean it so just a very nice simple install toilet seat .

Rinnai Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater Price


I do not know how this tankless water heater works, but after I saw it in action, I knew it would be one product that I would make sure I did a review on.

It is such an amazing appliance and I am so impressed, I just could not go on in silence. After searching and researching different water heaters I finally felt like the Rinnai R94LSi was the one for me; and boy was I right! I do not regret my purchase at all.

Here is my review of the Rinnai R94LSi Natural Gas Indoor Tankless Water Heater. What to look for in a water heater There are several things that must be considered when deciding on which water heater to purchase. Here are a few of them:

• Installation

• Controller

• Emissions standards

• Heat exchanger

• Natural gas

• Energy efficiency

• speed >> Click here to learn more Where can I install the Rinnai water heater? It is certified for installation in mobile homes.

It has to be installed indoors; it is not an outside unit. What kind of temperature controls are there? It comes equipped with a digital controller and a temperature range of 98 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature gauge allows for easy monitoring of temperatures.

Does it meet my state’s emissions standards? It meets both Texas and California’s NOx emissions standards. What type of heat exchanger does it have? The unit has a commercial grade heat exchanger, but it can be used for both commercial and individual purposes.

With the commercial grade heat exchanger it will meet all the demands of the home setting. Does it operate on natural gas? The type of fuel used by the Rinnai water heater is natural gas. How energy efficient is this model? The energy factor for this water heater is 0.82; and its efficiency rating is at 84%. How fast will it pump hot water? The Rinnai tankless water heater will pump t.4 gallons of hot water per minute.

How much should you expect to pay? A tankless water heater of this fine quality usually lists for about $1500. But the cheapest we’ve seen it is on amazon.com. It is available for less than $1000. >> Buy from Amazon What’s included?

• tankless water heater

• digital controller

• error code indicator

• user’s manual Is there any kind of a warranty?

Warranty information is shipped with the unit. What are other customers saying? The overall customer ratings are superb.

Customer satisfaction with the unit was way up. Here are some of the things other customers are saying about the Rinnai water heater: • “We never run out of hot water anymore”

• “space savings alone made this tankless worth it for me”

• “easy to install”

• “I will never go back to a tank style water heater” • “our gas bill did go down slightly”

• “Rinnai has a very satisfied customer here”

• “Mine has long since paid for itself in gas savings”

• “I highly recommend this product”

Where can you read more reviews from customers? There are plenty of reviews on amazon.com. These are done by real customers who have tried the product. Click here to read more customer reviews.

>> Click here to read testimonials Have there been any complaints? The only complaint so far was the difficulty of installation. If you are not sure how to properly install it, make sure to hire a professional. Where can you buy a Rinnai Tankless Water Heater? Right now you can buy it at amazon.com.

They have the best price we’ve seen, plus right now they are offering free shipping. They have the best deal out there right now. Click here to see the product on amazon.com. >> Click here for order page

Facebook Era – Internet Marketing with No Cost!

You must be already know what it is Facebook. As it so popular, 8 out of 10 people I know are members of Facebook. Facebook is one of the website design and focus on social networking. Therefore, with the facility and the existing tools, Facebook is not just as “friends connect” through the photographs that are most sought-after function “FACEBOOKER” but can be used as internet marketing media online.

With features found in systems such as the Facebook Wall, where you can write self expression. You may upload images and let it in your profile. You can also make a special setting, who can view your profile or leave your profile open to everyone. Indirectly – by uploading images like that, you’re doing an exposure or marketing of yourself through the profile.

Facebook is a website that has SUPER HIGH TRAFFIC. This is the opportunities that facebooker can use it to get traffic from marketing through Facebook. Marketing what I mean here is that any type of product marketed through Facebook in order to get attention from others, especially Facebooker who within friend connect.

Since Facebook is a very effective medium for marketing via the internet, here are some ideas that I want to share an effective marketing through Facebook.Firstly, you must create a profile so you can begin to socialize in the FC [Facebook]. If recommended to use your real name, so you be yourself and not a stranger from the eyes of friends.

You can try to initiate such an event. Then you create a press release or ad anything to do with the event in the tools that are available. If what you write can attract anyone’s attention, you will begin to get a response from the people in your network. It’s possibly, your friends would recommend to others.Your Internet marketing through Facebook you can try now.

You can submit articles that focus on news in facebook. If you want to do instantly, you can write a new update post into an article about your blog or website. If your article interesting, you will be able to gain numerous traffic to your sites. People are visiting your site might be interested in the content, or products available at your site.Furthermore, you can identify, what about people who have similar business interests with you. Communicate with them through the comments column in your network, will trigger the attention of others and of course and will get more traffic obtains from social networking like Facebook.

How to Revolve Your Blog Visitor into Loyal Reader with 5 Great Tips

These are 5 great tips that may help you make returning visitor to your blog and make them loyal reader:

1. Content should be short, solid and clear. This means content that you write is not long-winded. You know that many internet users do not have much time to linger a long read, unless your article is very useful and compulsory to be read. I suggest writing brief content [using approximately 250-500 words each posting] but it has great meaning for visitors and your reader.

2. Let people talk about you. Gossip – rumor isn’t only applicable for artist or celebrities, there are lot of web celebrity too. Create a sense of comfort to the reader when reading your contents of your blog; use words heat has sense of humor. If you find your article get commented, appreciate their opinions – which may be different from you and quickly respond. Thus, your reader will feel very valued and feel comfortable when they are returning. Be a blog in talks.

3. Write simple article. Write a blog is not like writing on a newspaper or magazine which is more functional as one way information. Write blog content is to write a two-way neighbor conversation between you and your blog reader. As per my suggestion, avoid using words or language that is difficult to understand because the reader comes from different background of education.

4. Let your opinion be known. In blogging, we can write anything – including controversial opinion. However, please be careful. Make sure that your opinion makes sense and certainly will not mislead your reader.

5. Check blog post. Double check what you have written before you press “Publish”. Make sure that everything you write is correct. This will make your reader think that you are a serious and professional.

Keep the spirit of blogging!